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Pro-Act Hospital Main Driving Force

Healthy Individuals are the an asset not only to their families, society but to the Nation as well. Our Health is our wealth and therefore, it should be natured by all. We partner with all age groups to show you how. We Create Awareness on lifestyle Related health issues that can be Prevented using preventive means, Rather than Having to be Reactive We Facilitate Healthy Lifestyles across all age groups. And Allow members of society to be wholesome and productive individuals. We interact with all members within the society to see to it that there are healthy individuals. Who do not have to take reactive measure where else some of these terminal conditions can be prevented.

Our Mission

  • Promoting access to affordable, quality health care services to the community

Our Vision

  • To be the centre for comprehensive and value based medical solutions in the region

Our Value Proposition

    • We will take care of your health

Our Promise To Our Clients

  • We will establish healthcare System which is accessible and within reach by many

Our Core Values

  • We have passion
  • We care We are Professional
  • We are Proactive

Pro Act Hospital Differentiation

    • Conducive Environment For Our Clients
    • Excellent Customer Services
    • Your Opinion Is Important To Us
    • Regular Community Engagement Programs